What Others Are Saying

“Learning to be a coach has helped me in a significant way. The power and burden of change is carried by the individual which allows them to transform as slow or as fast as they would like. Learning to be a coach with Dr. Driver is helping me to understand both the language and appropriate techniques of helping an individual help themselves. “

S.C. Atlanta, GA


“Good morning Dr. Driver, you have no idea the impact you have had on my life in the past two days. I sincerely thank God for you and your ministry. What a service to the body of Christ! I was mentioning to my goddaughter how easy it was to talk to you and that I could’ve easily done another two days. I sincerely enjoyed myself and I am also looking forward to applying the knowledge and am excited about the coming improvements in all of my relationships. Looking forward to our next time together.”

R.V. New Jersey


The greatest moment in sitting with an effective coach is when you have an "AHA" moment. My time of ministry coaching with Dr. Driver is filled with those moments. She is an incredible coach and counselor. I have been able to get to the core of my issues and grow from the sessions with Dr. Driver. Coaching is an art that she has definitely mastered and I am glad to be a product of her hard work in the field of coaching. 

Bishop Nathan J. Culver, Liberty International Ministries


You are an incredible gift to the body of Christ and believers. Your voice is needed in this hour of the church! All that you have experienced was designed to bring you to this point. I love and appreciate you for helping me and my family.



Life by Design Seminar Testimonials:

“My life will never be the same and I will be back for your next seminar.”

 “Much thought and work has gone into ‘Life by Design’ and I feel it will help everyone that takes the opportunity to be a part of this seminar.”

 “This seminar was amazing! My life changed today and I changed it! I never thought in a million years I would be able to turn my life around. The impact on my life has been profound.”