Services Offered

Here at The Driver Institute of Leadership and Education, we provide life coaching, coach training, leadership education classes, workshops and seminars. The Institute can develop, create and implement leadership programs for profit and nonprofit organizations (curriculum can be customized to meet your specific needs.)

  • Soul Dynamics Coaching
    • One on one dialog with Dr. Driver to explore issues of the soul such as unhealed hurts, unmet needs and unresolved issues. These sessions consist of coaching, counseling and consulting. Clients are assigned various activities to explore these issues and find healing for the soul in order to move forward in life and fulfill your purpose and assignments.
  • Ministerial Coaching
    • All ministry is based on relationships and there is a need to understand how God wired us and others in order to be more effective in ministry. These one on one sessions with Dr. Driver will assist ministerial leaders with any relationship issues or challenges.  
  • Life Coaching
  • LifeForming Leadership Coach Training
  • Classes, workshops and seminars 
    • Life By Design:  We go through a process to clarify what we should be working on as our life goals and desires. With this clarity, one can focus on the pertinent instead of being distracted by the non-essentials and more able to fulfill their life goals and dreams. 
    • Temperament Study: Take an evaluation to discover your basic temperament style. In this study you learn how to understand yourself and others and how to communicate more effectively. 
    • Motivational Gifting: Take an evaluation to discover your numerical score of the seven basic motivational gifts. In this study you learn how to understand yourself and others and how to communicate more effectively. Also, you will gain a greater understanding of how your gifting is to be expressed in your life journey. 
    • Leadership classes, workshops and seminars 
      • Conflict Resolution: This course will teach the student how to prevent unnecessary conflict and how to become a conflict competent leader in any setting. The student will learn how to identify and deal with conflict in organizations examine how to prevent or reduce much of the pain and suffering caused by conflict, and learn to tell the difference between constructive, healthy conflict and destructive, unhealthy conflict
      • Strategic Planning and Decision Making: This course is designed to help students become strategic planners and thinkers in their organizations and their lives. Students will learn proven strategic planning models, how to apply these models, how to access their effectiveness and how to continuously improve this important process. The course covers strategic planning in both public and nonprofit organizations.
      • Servant and Transformational Leadership: Servant leadership focuses on serving the follower and transformational leadership focuses on developing the follower so as to align with the organization’s objectives. This course is designed to provide a contemporary understanding of the influence of servant and transformational leadership. Leaders are guided into maximizing their potential using the paradigm of a contemporary servant and transformational leader.